LED illumination(Luxeon power)

Philips Lumiled company's led chip is the most high-level. we adopt the chip for applied products plan, design, manufacture, and sell.

LED illumination(Luxeon power LED)
What's Luxeon?

The radiator is built into the integrated LED chip and made it possible to drive high brightness LED. (Figure below)
In addition, The lens designed only for LED that is appropriate for various usages such as diffusion and condensing is installed. According to this structure. It is a lighting device of the next generation who has the power saving characteristic of LED and luminescence like the halogen bulb. In the controller also has the highest level of the team. LED board and the controller designed of your own accord. Light Control systems, battery protection system (solar time) and superior technology. I will contribute to the CO2 reduction.

How to use Luxeon?

First stage Luxeon often had the story that longevity had broken very short in 500 hours. This seems to have the problem in the usage of Luxeon When Luxeon is used, the control is very difficult though regulations concerning the driving current and the temperature are specified with specifications. The current change is very large to the driving voltage. A slight voltage regulation is necessary. (Figure below) In addition, Vf decreases when the temperature rises by the overcurrent and the current increases. It has the characteristic not controlled easily. The current limiting resistor as conventional LED drive not only can not control such a fever of very large current-limiting resistor, Luxeon will damage itself. When Luxeon is operated by using resistance by 12V, the electric power consumed by resistance becomes as much as 3W, has the power consumption efficiency to 25% or less, and doesn't have the meaning that uses LED.

Luxeon driver

Newfield Co., Ltd. is Also consider the operation of solar cells in high efficiency long lifetime Luxeon will supply a driver capable of driving.
This driver, Luxeon will automatically control the drive voltage current is always flowing best. The current is always controlled by this driver as for the current rating though the current increases when it is a no control because Luxeon has generation of heat. In addition, the driver is because it is highly effective little generation of heat and can make Luxeon emit light at any time best.



BeiJing New Field
Manufacturing applications product of 3W high-brightness high-power LED The main products are LED lights in the advertising billboard , small solar cell module and Rectifier etc.
Zhe Jiang New Field
The main product is a high luminance LED street light, a solar cell module, and a solar electrical charge and discharge controller.