Sensor-solar-powered lights

Sensor-solar-powered lights

1.Multi-crystal solar cell made by Kyocera.
 ( Domestic production use solar cells)

2.The weight is 6kg, much lighter than traditional lighting solutions,and is easy to install.

3.High performance infrared temperature sensor and automatically adjust the brightness of the light by the microcomputer.
If people, cars and animals are not in close proximity, the light's output will be low. When it senses something come into close proximity, a bright LED will flash and crimes can be also prevented.
Battery life will be extended by reducing the output of the light.

4.It has high performance batteries and can even be used on rainy days or cloudy days for up to 10 days.

5.It uses a high powered LED and does need to be replaced for 10-years.

6.CO2 can be reduced. (26.28kg / year)