Solar & LED create a new field

Newfield Co., Ltd. we have a research institute in Japan and production plants in China. Our company is a general manufacturer of Solar & LED including trading company function which handle solar products, high brightness LED light (Luxeon), and eco-friendly products and materials

new products

LED案内灯 moon LED
LED Indoor Light
Using high brightness LED and reducing CO2 significantly by two ways in energy saving. Using a 40W LED bulb provides roughly the same amount of light as an 80W fluorescent lamp, so you can save electricity costs roughly 90%.
Amazing!! Continuous Light
for up to 20 Hours!!

With this solar disaster light [Bosai-kun], it is charge to use.
It is charged with the included solar panel, so it does not need any batteries. Even if the charge is used up, it can be charged simply by turning the handle attached to the side of the body.
Sensor-solar-powered lights
Using high performance infrared temperature sensor and automatically adjust the brightness of the light by the microcomputer. If people, cars and animals are not in here, the light's strength will be weak. When sensing proximity, high brightness LED will flash and crimes can be also prevented. Battery life will be extended by weakening the strength of the light.


BeiJing New Field
Manufacturing applications product of 3W high-brightness high-power LED The main products are LED lights in the advertising billboard , small solar cell module and Rectifier etc.


Zhe Jiang New Field
The main product is a high luminance LED street light, a solar cell module, and a solar electrical charge and discharge controller.